Slinky Cat with Slinkity Sound!

Cute cat loves to slide on the stairs >.<

Kitten Suddenly Falls Asleep

Super cute kitten suddenly falls asleep, couldn’t handle it no more >.<

The Cute Kitten Escape

Watch a cute kitten named Little Bear escape from the cage and creates a trend as well ;)

A Cute Kitten Cliffhanger

Cute kittens in training to become pro climbers >.<

Kitty Loves to Ride on His Human Back

Have you done this while you were a child with some of your friends maybe? Well look at this kitty and his human friend, they are so cute together ^_^

Mama Cat Comes to Rescue Her Little Kitten

Mom is always the savior, do you agree with that? ;)

British Shorthair Kittens

Warning: Cuteness overload lies ahead, resistance is futile!

Rocky Kitten Gets Sleepy while Playing

Kitten named Rocky is falling asleep while playing, way too cute ^_^

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What’s Your Number?

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