Kim the Cat Calls Her Kittens

Kim the cat calls her kittens for lunch. Even more, listen to the sound at the very end and you will love it! :D

Cat Loves to Snuggle with this Baby

This cute cat just love to snuggle with this baby, how sweet is that? ;)

Cat Helps Blind Dog to See Where He’s Going

Often we heard dog will assist blind person, but actually cats can do that as well :D

Kitty Therapy

This is awesome! Who wants to get some kitty therapy right meow!? :D

Well Trained Cat Hunts for Dinner

Monkey the tabby cat is a well trained cat that enjoys to hunt for his food. It’s all started when his owner, Benjamin Milliam trained his cat by using the “Clicker” training with methods called as “shaping” or “forward chaining”.

And then he built the automatic feeder by himself. Balls will be dropped into it in order to make the automatic feeder works. Everyday, Monkey will hunt the little plastic balls by himself (which Ben hides the balls everyday) and put it into the automatic feeder to enjoy the portion of his meals.