Cat Mom to Comfort Her Baby Kitten

WARNING: Cuteness overload lies ahead! Watch at your own risk >.<

Here's a very cute video of a munchkin kitten being comforted by cat mom, we hope you won't pass out from cuteness overload ^_^

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Cat Loves Get Belly Rubbed

Who doesn’t love to belly rubs their cats right? However, it might be a trap which you will be bitten and scratched by some cats >.<

But not with this cute kitty, this kitty just love to get belly rubbed!

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3-Week Old Kittens Learns How to Walk

It always has been a pleasure to see cats in action, and especially to see baby kittens starts to walk on their own.

Here’s a very cute video of 3-week old kittens learns how to walk, hope you will like it :)

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10 Reasons to Adopt a Black Cat!

Here are 10 good reasons to adopt a black cat and especially to those people who sees black cats as bad luck, evil etc. Hopefully this will change your perspective about black cats :)

No black cats are bad luck, no black cats are evil!

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How to Film Your Cats

Cats are cute, funny and entertaining. We are sure it would be great if most of their actions can be watched over and over again :D

By filming them will do it, right? Here are some of the cool tips and tricks on how to film your cats in this video – presented by Sho Ko (Shorty & Kodi)

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Scottish Fold Cat – Mango Enjoying Kitty Life

Be prepared to enter the world of cuteness overload. Meet Mango, one of the cutest the Scottish Fold cats :)

Stretch, play, nap.. this is pretty much every cat will do in their daily life and so does Mango. And here’s a few snippets of Mango’s ^_^

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Kitty Says “Don’t Touch My Computer”

Have you ever encountered this with your kitties in your life? Your cat seeking for attention while you’re doing your work.

Here’s a short clip of a cute Persian kitty named Cooper, hope you will love it :)

One night, as soon as the laptop was put on the bed, Cooper laid down on it and wouldn’t leave. He liked his “new pillow” so much that he didn’t allow anyone to touch it!

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Retired Military Working Dog Discovers First Kitten

Often we heard dogs wouldn’t get along with cats especially when in their first meeting, and even in the cartoon as well we will see the same.

However, not all dogs and kittens gets chased or being chased by each other. Here’s an amazing video of a retired military working dog meets first kitten in life.

You can see they are getting along so well in their first meeting, it is way too cute :)

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Bobek the Begging Cat

Cats will always be asking for foods when they know you’re having your meal.

However Bobek isn’t going to ask for foods like other cats you may have seen before. Instead, he will use the “begging” gesture for foods which is pretty interesting.

He will always wins when do this kind of trick to get the foods. And if you people have been wondering, he has never been taught to do this kind of trick. Isn’t that amazing?

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