Cat Drinking Milk Straight from the Cow

This cute kitty drinking the milk straight from the cow, and now that’s something :O

How Attached are Cats to Their Owners?

“Do cats love us as much as we love them? Or do they view us merely as a provider of resources?” What are your thoughts about this?

Tootsie Roll Kittens

Tiger & Jumbo’s 4-month old Exotic Shorthair kittens are so sweet that they have morphed into Tootsie Rolls ^_^

Moo & the New Baby

A popular cat from Cat Welcome Home, Moo this time welcoming a new baby into her territory. See it yourself how it goes ;)

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What It’s Like to Work With Cats!

Have you ever experienced like this, working with cats around you? Here’s a video of Cole and Marmalade shows you how it’s like to work with them :P

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