70 thoughts on “Very Cute Kitten Grooming By Herself

  1. Charliee Dearden my post above is not meant to be malicious just in case you think so….BUT, you can tell the little thing wants to get off it's back. The kitten is fine. Just not quite strong enough to right itself. Precious baby

  2. OR OR OR HEAR ME OUT NOW… If somebody wants to believe in god you let them and don't try and rain on their parade. If somebody doesn't wanna believe in god you just go right the ahead and let 'em. If there is a day when god comes and they get judged they will feel foolish. If that day never comes it will be to late for those who believe in god to feel anything because they will die believing and will have harmed nobody. The end.

  3. help that baby turn over!!!! she is wedged into the fold of that plush bed and her little muscles aren’t strong enough for her to roll herself out of it.

  4. An adult with an imaginary friend is called nuts,crazy or cook but if a bunch of people have the same imaginary friend its called religion :D…oh and just to add a little food for thought if everything is created by god this includes hell the devil and the diseases that kill off little kittens and babies all over the world…if god exists he has a sick sense of humor.

  5. I love that people actually took their time to respond to this comment with agitation or some snarky come-back. Responding to a simple, admiring comment… on a kitten video. If you don't believe in God, alright. But like Dane Cook illustrates for us, "What the f*ck should I say when you sneeze, then? 'Ah-choo!' 'WHEN YOU DIE NOTHING HAPPENS' '…' "

  6. People….you're staring at an adorable baby kitten grooming…just go to your happy place. Mine is purple with a dancing unicorn offering me pie. Some people's happy place has God. Some don't. No need to comment either way and just enjoy the sweetness.

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