How To Identify A Tabby Cat

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“A tabby is a cat with a distinctive coat that features stripes, dots, or swirling patterns, usually together with an “M” mark on its forehead. Tabbies are sometimes erroneously assumed to be a cat breed. In fact, the tabby pattern is found in many breeds of cat, as well as among the general mixed-breed or mongrel population.” (Citation from Wikipedia, link under “Sources”)

1. Fur: They can have a great variation of looks, lengths and colors. Most commonly, tabby cats are either grey, brown or orange, have short to medium length fur, with stripes or whirls. The tail is mostly strong and narrow, not big or thin.
How To Identify A Tabby Cat
2. Shape: The tabby cat’s body tend to be strong and robust. They are usually not very slim or agile.
How To Identify A Tabby Cat
3. Eyes: Usually, the tabby cat has green eyes. Around their eyes have a lighter color eye liner looking fur.
How To Identify A Tabby Cat
4. Special Traits: The tabby cat has the mark of an “M” on the forehead.
How To Identify A Tabby Cat
5. Personality: Tabby cats are fun, loving animals, who love their owners. They are not as independent as many other cats, and they tend to act very cute. Tabby cats are very common.
How To Identify A Tabby Cat


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