Mother Cat Adopts Baby Bunny

Sadly, Bubbles the baby bunny was just only a week old when her mother died. However she was lucky enough to have Snaggle the mother cat to provide motherly help. Despite the sadness due to the loss of her mother, it is still a sweet story :)

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Mercury the Two Legged Kitten Playing with a Ball

Be ready to meet with one of the most amazing kittens, who also known as T-rex kitty!

Mercury is the name, he was found when he was as little as over 5 ounces in weight (about 4 days old), and it’s believed that his injuries accidentally was coming from a weed whacker.

Mercury is missing his both front legs from that incident, however thanks to The Community Cat Coalition of Edmond who had took care of this lovely kitten very well until he is recovered, becoming a playful and happy kitten.

Here’s a heart-warming video of Mercury the two legged kitten during 7 weeks old of age playing with a ball. Who would have thought a two legged kitten can be happy as other normal kitten ;)

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Sick Puppy, Zeke Being Comforted by Winston the Cat

After long and stressful day, Zeke the puppy just arrived home from the vet. Zeke suffered from an allergic reaction which he had to given steroids and shots.

While at home, Winston the cat already waited for his sick buddy. Knowing his buddy needs his spirit lifted, Winston tries to help by comforting Zeke with sweet love licking and cuddling. This is way beyond too cute to watch!

Just look how incredible the love between a cat and a puppy can be. And this is pretty interesting don’t you think? Hopefully all of us can learn something good from here :)

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AIKA - Once a Stray Cat

AIKA – Once a Stray Cat

Heart Warming Story Of A Rescue Cat