Foster Kittens Chorus Line

Just sit back and enjoy this cute performance from foster kittens :D

How to Trap a Cat (Cat Circles)

How to Trap a Cat (Cat Circles)

As we all know cat loves to get into small space like boxes, however on Sunday, 19th October 2014; a Reddit user started a post at r/aww with “Trick your cat with a circle” title. And this has become a phenomenon at Reddit and imgur, where quite a lot of cat owners tried this┬átrick.

You can also try this yourself with just a few simple steps..

STEP 1: Set up the trap (You can use tape)
How to Trap a Cat (Cat Circles)

STEP 2: Lure the cat into the circle
How to Trap a Cat (Cat Circles)

STEP 3: Wait until cat sits still in the center
How to Trap a Cat (Cat Circles)

There you go, a cat in your trap!
How to Trap a Cat (Cat Circles)

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How to Film Your Cats

Cats are cute, funny and entertaining. We are sure it would be great if most of their actions can be watched over and over again :D

By filming them will do it, right? Here are some of the cool tips and tricks on how to film your cats in this video – presented by Sho Ko (Shorty & Kodi)

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