Well Trained Cat Hunts for Dinner

Monkey the tabby cat is a well trained cat that enjoys to hunt for his food. It’s all started when his owner, Benjamin Milliam trained his cat by using the “Clicker” training with methods called as “shaping” or “forward chaining”.

And then he built the automatic feeder by himself. Balls will be dropped into it in order to make the automatic feeder works. Everyday, Monkey will hunt the little plastic balls by himself (which Ben hides the balls everyday) and put it into the automatic feeder to enjoy the portion of his meals.

Cutest Conversation Between Cat & Baby

This baby and cat seems to understand each other, it has to be one of the cutest conversations ever! :D

The Naughty Kitten & Patient Husky

This has got to be the most patient Husky, dealing with the naughty kitten :D

Biker Saved a Kitten from a Busy Road

The kitten was so small so it was hard for people to notice it, luckily a biker saw the kitten (which she thought it was a leaf) and saved him from the busy road.

The kitten which is named as Skids, he is safe with the biker now which you can follow her instagram at: http://www.instagram.com/skidstagram1

Biker Saved a Kitten from a Busy Road

Kitten Went Crazy Over Tablet Game

Awww! This cute little fluffy kitten just went crazy over the tablet game, how cute is that!? :D