How to Clean Your Cat’s Ears

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While a case of cat ear mites will require a trip to the vet and some medication to get rid of, a cat’s dirty ears don’t always mean that a cat has a case of mites. Unless your cat is continually scratching his ears as if they’re irritated, then his ears might simply be dirty. You can usually see the dirt when you look inside the ear. It will be pretty clear. To keep your cat’s ears nice and healthy, you’ll need to clean them. 

Cats aren’t the most cooperative of creatures when it comes to having any grooming done to them by a human, and this is especially true when it comes to cleaning their sensitive ears. So, you’re going to have to approach this one carefully in order to avoid getting scratched or bitten. 

First of all, you must clip your cat’s nails, or you really COULD end up with some nasty scratches. Once that is accomplished, get some baby oil and a cotton swab. Sit cross legged on the floor and secure your cat between your legs so he can’t go anywhere. Lightly soak the tip of a swab in the oil, close the oil cap, and wrap one arm around the front of your cat. Ideally, your cat should be facing you so you can see inside his ears better. If he is facing away from you, you’ll need to lean over to see inside the ears.

Take the cotton swab and gently wipe around the visible parts of the inside of the ear, where you can see dirt. Keep your swabbing to the outside, visible parts of the sensitive ear skin. Do NOT go deeply into your cat’s ear with the swab, as you could cause ear damage. If you suspect deep inner ear dirt that you can’t see, take your cat to a vet to get it irrigated out.

A few simple swipes of the swab should be enough to remove the visible dirt. Once you’ve cleaned the cat’s ears, make sure you have some tissues or a wash cloth, or even paper towels, handy to absorb the oil and dry off the ears. Once you’re done, pet and praise your kitty and give him a treat. Eventually, he’ll stop resisting the cleaning so much because he will come to associate it with being rewarded and the cleaning process will be much easier.

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