How to Get Your Cat to Sleep in His Own Bed

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Many people do not care if their cat sleeps in their bed with them. In fact, a lot of cat owners love it and encourage it because it fosters closeness. However, you may have a partner who does not like the cat in the bed, or the cat may shed and get hair all over your sheets. Sometimes, cats can even vomit or relieve themselves on your bed, even when YOU’RE in it (but this usually only happens if they’re sick). Your can may also move around a lot and disturb your sleep. So, there could be a myriad of reasons why kitty needs to sleep in a bed of his own. Your job in these cases is to make sure he does it without complaint.

Cats naturally want to sleep with us. It is part of their instincts as pack animals to cuddle all up with the other pack (or pride) members at night for protection and warmth. If you’re fine with it, it’s a great way to bond with your cat. If you’d prefer your cat sleep elsewhere, you need to get him a bed of his own.

Encouraging him to sleep in it, rather than with you, can be challenging. The best kind of bed to get for your cat is one he will naturally want to sleep in, which is one that is like a cave. It should have a top, bottom, sides, and back. This will make your cat feel more secure in it. You should also put a favorite blanket and/or toy in the bed to make it more inviting for your cat. If your cat likes catnip, sprinkle some in the bed to encourage him to spend time there.

If you put your cat’s bed in a different room from yours, he will be more likely to sleep in it, as he won’t be tempted to get in bed with you. If you like to keep him near and want his bed in your room, you’ll have to be firm about removing him from your bed with a stern “no” whenever he gets in it, and then physically putting him in his own bed. Once he’s in his own bed, pet, praise, and treat him. He will soon get the message and begin to sleep there on his own. Just remember, the more inviting you make the bed for him, the more likely he will be to sleep in it, and actually enjoy it.

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