How to Prevent Your Cat Eating Houseplants

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Not only do you want your cat to avoid eating your houseplants because you’re proud of the plants and love the ambiance they add to your home, but you want to keep kitty safe. Some house plants can actually be poisonous to your cat. Yet, it is a cat’s natural behavior to want to eat green things. So, how do you keep your cat from eating your plants?

First, you need to make sure your cat has plenty of good greens to eat, such as grass, catnip, and herbs. Cats will even eat green vegetables. These are a natural part of his diet and should be included regularly. This will make him less likely to want to eat your house plants. You can buy potted grass and such at pet stores and your cat will love it. You can also bring cut grass in from outside for the same purpose, as well as buy natural pet foods with greens in them.

Cats may also eat plants because the leaves rustled in the breeze, activating the cat’s hunting instinct. You can solve this problem simply by keeping plants away from open windows and keep it somewhere where the cat can’t easily get to it.

You can also keep cats from jumping on or eating plants by keeping plastic plants instead of real ones, finding out what plants are poisonous to cats and avoid getting those, and by keeping plenty of toys in the house that will engage the cat, especially toys that activate the hunting instinct. With enough distractions and sources of entertainment, as well as with a proper diet, your cat should avoid your house plants on his own.

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