How to Stop Your Cat from Running Out the Door

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If you live in an urban area or anywhere near a major traffic route, you may need to stop your cat from heading out the door every time you open it. Cats can be easily frightened in traffic and you don’t want your pet to meet with a nasty accident. Not only will an accident be unpleasant for your pet, veterinarian fees tend to make a large hole in your budget. Stopping kitty from running out the door will not be easy, but can be managed with patience. It is certainly easier to train a small kitten than a grown cat whose habits may be ingrained. 

Whether you have a cat or a kitten, it will need to be trained to stay indoors unless you allow it to go out. To do this, use the cat’s natural traits, working with his nature rather than against it. We know that cats dislike loud, startling noises, so every time the door is open and kitty heads that way, try and be ready with a loud noise – but between him and the door. Don’t come up behind him with it or you’ll just frighten him right out the door.

One good way to train your kitty is to enlist the aid of another person to stand just outside the door. Then you can open it and as soon as your kitten pokes his nose out, have the other person squirt him with a spray bottle or water gun. Two people will be even better. One can have a spray bottle; the other can have the noisemaker. This will frighten your cat back into the room where you can be waiting to soothe him and tell him what a good cat he is for coming back.

To add even more to the lesson, you can be sure to call him back just before the noise and water spray happen. If you make your voice sound alarmed, kitty will soon get the message and it will teach him that an alarmed voice means something unpleasant is going to happen to him. This can be useful at other times, too. He may be outside in the yard and you suddenly notice he’s about to jump over the fence. To call him back in a voice of alarm will save him from getting lost or chased by a dog or even another cat.

Of course, always remember to use positive reinforcement such as petting or treats when he does the right thing.

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