How to Teach Your Cat to Jump Through a Hoop

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Teaching your cat to jump through a hoop is easy, and a great party trick that all your guests will enjoy. It is, after all, not common to see a cat who can perform tricks on demand. This little feat will make your kitty oh so special in the eyes of others, and they’ll beg you to make him do it whenever they come over to visit. 

The first thing you must do is give your cat no choice but to jump through the hoop if he wants to get away. Cats hate confinement. Just think of how he howls whenever you put him in his cat carrier. So, take your kitty and bring him right up against your legs in front of you, so he can not go backward. Then, put your arms down with hands clasping in front in the shape of a hoop and bring them in as close to your cat’s front as possible. Slightly bend your elbows inward so he can’t escape off to the side. Lift your circled hands slightly off the ground, but not so much that he can go under them.

Keep repeating the word “jump!” over and over, and it won’t be long before kitty realizes he has nowhere else to go but through the “hoop.” He will jump through your circled arms on his own just to get away. When he does, be sure to pet him, shower him with praise, and give him a treat.

Practice this several times a day for a few weeks, and eventually, you can substitute your arms for a real hoop of some sort, like a hula hoop, and he will jump through it on command, even without being so closely restrained beforehand. It’s just that easy to train your cat to perform this trick.

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