Kitty Therapy

Kitty Therapy

This is awesome! Who wants to get some kitty therapy right meow!? :D

Cat People Will Understand...

Cat People Will Understand…

Have all these happened to you before? This is quite normal for cat people ;)

A Kitten's Guide to Exercise

A Kitten’s Guide to Exercise

Need a guide how to exercise in a proper manner? Here’s how, by the cutest purrsonal trainer ever! >.<

2 Cats, 1 Rabbit & a Carrot

2 Cats, 1 Rabbit & a Carrot

See what happen when 2 cats, 1 rabbit & a carrot meet each other >.<

How to Train Your "Dragon"

How to Train Your “Dragon”

“Because Cole the Black Cat reminds us so much of Toothless the Dragon, we decided to make a “How to Train Your Dragon” costume for Halloween!”, said the owner during recent Meowloween that just passed.