What Cat Behaviors Need to be Learned?

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There are a number of behaviors that your cat needs to learn so that your relationship will be a happy and stress-free one. Having a cat as a pet has many benefits, but these can be out-weighed if the cat is allowed to rule the roost, especially if his nature is exuberant and mischievous. Certain behaviors need to be learned by your cat for the safety of other members of the house as well as to enhance the relationship between cat and humans. 

An important thing for kitty to learn is to use his litter tray. Urinating on furniture or carpet will spoil it for life and leave an odor that is almost impossible to remove. It is also unhealthy to have puddles or other unmentionables on the floor where toddlers may be crawling.

A cat or kitten also needs to learn to come when called. This makes is easier to get him out of danger if he wanders away and it also makes feeding time more organized. If you need to go out and the cat must be shut in, you need to be able to call him and have him turn up in a reasonable time-frame or you’ll be late for work or wherever you were off to.

Cats are nocturnal animals. That’s why they suddenly come to life around sunset and want to go wandering. That’s why they snooze a lot in the day. This behavior is impossible to prevent entirely, but you can keep kitty locked inside at night and play with him during the day. The less he sleeps in the day, the more he will sleep at night.

If you travel a lot and want to take your cat, then he will need to learn how to travel comfortably in a car and it’s important for him not to wander away and get lost once you arrive at your destination. It would be a good thing for your cat to learn how to walk in a harness, and then you can take him out for a walk without worrying that he will stray or run into danger.

Cats also need to learn to not be destructive. It’s a cat’s nature to sharpen his claws and to hunt and jump. These behaviors are not so welcome in the home, so the cat must learn where he is allowed to scratch and what he can jump on safely. He doesn’t know that the stove will burn him if he jumps onto it, nor does he realize that he might knock down your antique vase if he jumps up on that shelf. These are the sorts of things a cat needs to learn.

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